Wood grain Finishes
With the Durability of Aluminum

"The web does not offer us exact color, so please request accurate color chips or wood grain samples for precise color matches."

Joe Belanger

Our Decoral® wood grain finishes can be applied on Windows, Doors, Storefront and Trims to make each piece a unique design element. Shown right is our Pacer Series aluminum folding door in a light 9052 Oak finish. As you can see, the addition of the wood grain finishes to aluminum profiles and panels completely changes the look of aluminum. When combined with the Pacer door you’ve got an instant sidewalk cafe with an old world feel.

Decoral® utilizes a revolutionary process developed in Europe which has the durability of traditional powder coating. It is highly resistant to natural weathering like sun, wind, humidity and moisture as well as heat, acids, salts and detergents.

Ease of Maintenance
Our finishes are easily cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water and do not require the maintenance that wood doors need.

Environmentally Friendly
We can give you the look you want without cutting down a single tree. All products used in the finish are totally recyclable, allowing you to introduce your clients to a terrific “green” product.

Other custom finishes are available upon request.

Custom Painted Finishes Anodized Finishes

The color samples below are not completely accurate. Please contact us for more information. Final selection of colors should be made from physical samples.


9052 Oak Assi / DS402

9052 Oak Assi / DS403

9052 Oak Assi / DS409

9052 Oak Assi / DS414

9073 Burlwood

9073 Burlwood / DS403

9053 Douglas / DS402

9053 Douglas / DS403

9017 Acacia

9017 Acacia / DS403

9017 Acacia / DS406

9103 Knotty Pine / DS402

9026 Cherry / DS402

9026 Cherry/ DS403

9061 Cherry Flame/ DS403

9128 Dark Walnut / DS403

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